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Logo Creation  |  Brand Development

Taqueria Aurora is a Mexican Restaurant located in Aurora, Illinois that takes pride in delivering authentic Mexican cuisine to their community. I was fortunate enough to help the company create and develop the style of their brand thanks to the referral from my fraternity brother Hector Velazquez who is one of the managers of the restaurant.


When the Velazquez family decided to open a Mexican Restaurant, they knew that they would need a logo as a part of the visual identity for the company but did not know how to go about creating one. That’s where I stepped in with my services to help guide the family with creating a unique brand that would help convey the feeling, style, and most importantly, the taste of their authentic Mexican Cuisine!


The main projects that I spearheaded were creating and designing the company logo which focused on the Agave plant and also working with the family to choose the color palette to convey the mood of the brand. Next we worked on designing the restaurant menu and on ensuring that the overall function and style of the menu connected with the visual representation of the brand. Lastly, we focused on designing business cards, reward cards, and t-shirts for the company to help enhance and push the brand forward in their community.


Today, the restaurant is continuing to serve their community with fresh and delicious Mexican dishes!

Aurora_T-Shirt MockUp_Front.jpg
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